1) Chitfund Software(Chitsoft)

Chitsoft is basicallly devloped for chitfund has mainly covered all aspects of activities in chitfund so it caters chitfund managers to manage their chitfund Effortlessly.
Chitsoft has both version windows and web based with following features
  • Chit Group Management
  • Member Management.
  • Auction Management
  • Prize Management
  • Bid Transfer
  • Ticket Transfer
  • Registrar Document Creation
  • Intimation Letter
  • Various reports
  • Accounting Module

2) MLM Software

Our MLM software includes all the basic functionality. that needs to run MLM company. It is web based application deals with registering clients tracking all the activities and revenue. It has various facilities to integrate any kind of plan such as Binary, Tribinary, Unilevel Binary, Generation, Matrix, Australian Binary, Pool Plan, and Board Plan. It is easy to use and loaded with all advance features like
Customer Module
  • E-Pin Request
  • Joining through E-pin
  • Profile Management
  • Welcome note/Receipt
  • Downline View
  • Genealogy View
  • E-Wallet
Admin Module
  • E-Pin Generation
  • Member Profile Management
  • Product Dispatch
  • Payout Processing
  • Awards/Rewards
  • Various Reports

3) Land Developers Software (Vasudha)

Vasudha is window based software developed for managing activities of land deals/sales. It has various modules which start from generating leads for land requirement to selling land. It manages all activities of land developers.
Following are the various features included in software
  • Marketing/Sales Management
  • Land Module
  • Land Development Module
  • Customer Module
  • Booking Module
  • Installment Collection Module
  • Documentation Module
  • Various Reports

4) Non-Banking Software(Samruddhi)

Samruddhi is basically developed for managing activities in Nonbanking companies. It has all features that cater you to run your business effortlessly. It manages all records and gives various complex reports which requires for administration of company. It is web based application so that it can be used from any location with multiple branch handling at a time. Following modules are included
  • Plan Module
  • Commission Structure Module
  • Agent Module
  • Agent Ranking Module
  • Customer Module
  • Policy Enrollment Module
  • Collection/Renewal Module
  • Policy Maturity Module
  • Commission Distribution Module
  • Various Admin Reports

5)Loan-Interest Manager

 Loan Manager is software to manage Loan and Interest accounts. It is a boon to money lenders as it dramatically reduces the complexities and makes their life better, simple & rich.