About us

We have entered the age of Information Technology. Computer exists everywhere from a small ATM to big Companies. E-business is becoming the most preferential word with corporate as it took over from traditional business practices. A clear imminent of the growing requirement of the corporate world in the area of IT has enabled Milestone Soft Solutions to develop Applications of specific Requirements for the present and the future. Milestone Soft Solutions delivers Products and services which help our clients to improve business productivity, we consider that doing so will unleash growth for our clients and ultimately for us

  • Vision & Mission
    The Main aim of our company is client satisfaction by providing quality work within given time. Milestones are laid on proper communication, transparency and human relations, which forms an integral part of the corporate culture. We not only develop products but we develop relationships. Our aim is to engage ourselves into research of new products all the time so as to meet the dynamic business demands. Business-needs and ways of doing business are changing quickly because of the technology revolution, and we want to cater all those needs into one roof. Our guiding rule is very simple, we offer expert skill, innovative creations, full commitment, assets and excellent customer support to all our clients and help them to progress their business to the peak.
    At Milestone Soft Solutions we have developed many products which are standardized to the requirements of various business sectors like insurance, finance, manufacturing industry, Real Estate, Gold loan, multilevel marketing. We help our customers to take advantage of IT in overcoming various day to day business problems. We help them save time and reduce redundancy in the organization. We help our customers set up a system for their organization to follow, through the use of our software. We have standard software’s which right away can be installed at the customer’s computer network. Then based on their detailed deviations and additions we take their requirements and do the necessary customization. We convert their existing manual system to fully automated web based or window based application.
    Target Market
    Milestone Soft Solutions positions itself as a provider of software services for small to medium sized companies in Pune and Maharashtra. We have a wide experience and a good knowledge in, IT, Nonbanking, Manufacturing, Insurance, Gold Loan, Chit fund, Real Estate, MLM and Education sectors.
    Why we
    Access to Expert Resources:
    We have accumulated significant expertise in different technologies and business domains. Our experience ranges from website design and web application programming to development and integration of complex web-based or stand-alone enterprise systems. We have a strong competence in different technologies including Dot Net, Ajax, Java technologies and various others.
    Skilled Team:
    Milestone Soft Solutions is comprised of a skilled team of experienced, techno-savvy software professionals with long-term domain expertise. They effectively add value at every stage of the Software Development Life Cycle. Our IT specialists have wide knowledge and extensive experience. An effective hiring strategy, internal training and proper motivation practices enable us to hire and retain experienced and highly qualified IT professionals.
    Confidentially and Intellectual Property Protection:
    At Milestone Soft Solutions we take comprehensive measures to secure the clients’ confidential information. We have a set of policies and procedures to protect your sensitive business information and software artifacts.
    Cost Savings
    We offer competitive rates that are considerably lower than other service providers, while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability.